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    Dr. Don White retired after thirty-three years as a public educator. He served as a Superintendent of Schools for nineteen years. He has been a classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal, Director of Elementary Instruction & Technology, Director of Educational Technology, and Deputy Superintendent. Prior to entering the field of education, Don served as an Assistant Manager for Walgreen’s Drug Stores in Champaign, IL.

    Don has been involved in many state and national projects. His work includes serving as a Co-Chair for the Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) School for Advanced Leadership. As one of the three lead designers and trainers for the Illinois Leadership and Technology for Change (ITLC) out of Illinois State University, Don worked collaboratively with thirty trainer/facilitators across the State of Illinois focusing on best practices in school leadership and technology applications. Don is also a Master Designer and Facilitator for the Illinois Association of School Administrators. He has presented at both state and national levels. These presentations have focused on topics such as organizational development, shared decision making, the use of technology for administrative and instructional purposes, and data-driven decision making.

    As a leader in the area of data driven decision-making and a firm believer in shared decision making, Don works to practice what he preaches via the use of several on-line surveys used to collect data for school and district improvement as well as performance feedback tools for principals, district level administrators, and other school personnel. This work includes the creation and administration of the IASA Principal Evaluation Tool, the IASA Senate Bill 7 Performance Rankings Tool, and the DuPage ROE Administrator Evaluation Tool. His efforts have resulted in two IASA Exemplary Service to Education Awards and he was recognized by IASA as a 2020 Superintendent of Distinction.

    Although retired, he stays very active working as a consultant. He works with Frontline Student Analytics, is the sole manager of DRDW Consulting, LLC, and is a Partner with Educational Leadership Solutions (EdLS). He continues to focus on providing timely professional development for all levels of school leadership. He also developed and provides support for multiple tools being used by hundreds of Illinois school districts.

    Don earned a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Western Illinois University, a Masters in School Administration from the University of Illinois in Urbana, and a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Illinois State University. His wife, Lori, was a registered nurse but is also retired. He has two adult children and six grandchildren. His hobbies include reading, fitness, technology, music, and anything related to his grandchildren and children.


Ongoing Projects

Educational Leadershiip Solutions (EdLS)

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IASA Senate Bill 7 Performance Rankings File

IASA Surveys Site

SB7 Download Request Form

Tutorial Videos

                1) File Overview (6:18)

                2) Transfer Data to New File (19:57)

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Administrator Evaluation Tools

DuPage ROE Evaluation Tool

(PSEL aligned Microsoft Excel files)

Summative Evaluation Tool

(Used by the administrator completing the evaluation.)

Self-Evaluation Tool

(Used by the administrator being evaluated.)

Tutorial Videos

Evaluation Tools Overview (3:49)

Configure the Summative Evaluation File (6:32)

Configure the Self-Evaluation Tool (6:48)

Using the Observation Forms (10:04)

Completing the Self-Evaluation (7:31)

Completing the Summative Evaluation (9:58)


IASA Principal Evaluation Tool

(IPSSL Aligned Microsoft Excel files)

Summative Evaluation Tool

(Used by the person completing the Principal evaluation.)

Self-Evaluation Tool

(Used by Principal.)